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We export catering equipment to every continent of the world and can manage consolidation on turnkey projects or deliver a single item.

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We can provide replacement parts and technical assistance. If you have catering or laundry equipment, we’ve got it covered.

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Our catering equipment store is open for business across the globe, offering you the finest brands delivered to your door.


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Whether it’s prime cooking, refrigeration, preparation or warewashing you will find it at 7daychef.com.

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Marine Galley Equipment

Providing foodservice equipment to the oil and gas industry.

We have been providing marine galley equipment to the North Sea, Indonesia and Africa since 1970, and offer brands such as Vulcan Hart, Lang and Crown with marine specification for the offshore industry.

Cook & Chill Systems

Equipment to prepare, cook and store all kinds of different foods.

We offer equipment for specific cook/chill operations such as banqueting and packaged food preparation. This includes boiling pans from Dietatec, Thermaline and Icos, and ice water cooling systems from Packo. We also offer blast/shock chiller and freezer equipment for use with combination ovens from Houno, Electrolux and Convotherm.

Process cooking equipment

High pressure cooking equipment for pastuerising and sterilising.

We offer a range of equipment for steam sterilization, batch frying, volume boiling and autoclave boiling pans for the food processing industry and small scale specialist food companies.

Energy Saving Foodservice Equipment

Selected equipment for low-energy and reduced carbon output cooking.

Cost-effective solutions to replace inefficient appliances, reduce running costs and increase profitability, while achieving carbon reduction to meet CSR guidelines.


Since its formation in 1958, Swanwick Foodservice Equipment has worked with a range of civil and military clients throughout the world.

During the last forty years the company became established throughout the UK, working with institutions and businesses in manufacturing, education and defence. The company provided foodservice solutions to higher education institutions, HM Armed Forces, the private education sector and manufacturers such as Jaguar Cars, Kraft General Foods and UK Air Traffic Control.